Equipment Medientechnik Sanyo XP 200

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The latest SANYO optical engine, called QuaDrive, adds a Color Control Device to conventional 3LCD (red/green/blue) systems. The first projector to launch this innovative new QuaDrive engine is the PLC-XP200L.

The additional Color Control Device in the QuaDrive optical engine allows the PLC-XP200L to automatically control the amount of yellow light in the image, producing higher luminosity with improved color accuracy and clarity.

The demand for even brighter projectors continues to come from the field as systems integrators are asked to install video displays in extremely large venues such as convention halls, conference rooms, auditoriums and houses of worship. However, as brightness levels increase on 3LCD projectors, there is a reverse effect in color reproduction. Colors become noticeably washed out, lacking vibrancy and realism.

Features & Vorteile
  • 7000 ANSI-Lumen
  • Panel: 4-LCD
  • Auflösung: 1024 x 768
  • Contrast 2200:1
  • RS232 Port
  • Input: VGA, RGBHV, DVI, HDMI, Component, S-Video, FBAS Cinch
  • Projektor-Faktor: 1,3 bis 6,0
Verfügbare Objektive
Beamer-Objektiv Eiki X 50 / Sanyo XP 1,3-1,8 :1 LNS-W31A Weitwinkel-Zoom
Beamer-Objektiv Eiki X 50 / Sanyo XP 1,8-2,3:1 LNS-S31, Standard
Beamer-Objektiv Eiki X 50 / Sanyo XP 2,3-4,2:1 LNS-T31A, Tele Zoom
Beamer-Objektiv Eiki X 50 / Sanyo XP 4,2-6,0:1 LNS-T32, ExtremTele Zoom