Sanyo PLC-XF47

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The PLC-XF47, offers outstanding improvements in both performance and reliability. The projector uses three large 1.8 inch, 1024 by 768 pixel LCDs to produce startling amounts of light on the big screen -- up to 15,000 lumens -- with 4 UHP lamps, each producing only 300 watts of power. If two of these relatively light weight (80.5 lbs.)

tabletop projectors are stacked and aligned together (with motorized zoom, focus and shift lenses) they can produce a total of 24,000 lumens on screens up to 600 inches in diagonal size. If the XF47 is operated in the two-lamp mode, a single projector can still produce 6000 lumens with an overall lamp life of more than 4000 hours (single lamp life of 2,000 hours in normal mode or 2500 hours in a lower power "Eco mode").

With four lamps, you'll never be left without a projected image -- the XF47 can automatically switch to a long-life, low power, "Failsafe" mode whenever a single lamp defect is detected. Plus the use of low power, low cost UHP lamps results in overall running costs about half that of other systems in the same high brightness class.

Features & Vorteile
  • 15000 ANSI-Lumen
  • Kontrastverhältnis 2000:1
  • Auflösung: 1024 x 768
  • Bild in Bild
  • 2:2-Pulldown-Verfahren
  • 3:2-Pulldown-Verfahren
  • QuaDrive Optical Engine
  • Integrierter De-Interlacer (progressives Scannen)
  • Active Maintenance Filter (AMF)
  • Vertikale Keystone-Korrektur -30 / +30
  • Horizontale Keystone-Korrektur -30 / +30
  • Digital-Video-Standard Digital Visual Interface (DVI), High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
  • Videoschnittstellen VGA, HDMI, S-Video, DVI
  • Analoges Videosignal RGB, S-Video, Component Video
Verfügbare Objektive
Sanyo-XF 0,8:1 LNS-W03, Weitwinkel: On-Axis !
Sanyo-XF 1,4-1,8:1 LNS-W02Z, Weitwinkel-Zoom
Sanyo-XF 1,8-2,9:1 LNS-S01, Standard F-3,8*
Sanyo-XF 2,0-2,6:1 LNS-S02Z, Zoom
Sanyo-XF 2,6-3,5:1 LNS-SO3, Zoom
Sanyo-XF 3,4-4,3:1 LNS-M01Z, Semi-Zoom
Sanyo-XF 4,4-6,0:1 LNS-T02, Tele-Zoom